welcome at het speelt dichtbij 2017.....plus
DAKB-huis utrecht balijelaan 95
Plus 2017

Sponsors: Clavis piano's

The nameplate of the DAKB-huis, opened by city council member of Utrecht Gilbert Isabella at April 22 2014, has been sublimely engraved by:

Graveerinrichting Vriesendorp

Ten-concerts booklet 2017

This booklet counts for 2017. You choose with how many people you would like to go to the concert. Till you have used 10 tickets. You must make a reservation for each desired concert mentioning the number of people in your party. For concerts with a asterix a maximum of two persons are allowed. You can buy the ten-concerts booklet for 125 euro. You may order it via.

tickets at hetspeeltdichtbij.nl

please mention the numer of desired booklets, your name, zipcode and housenumber. After the amount is received on account NL71 INGB 0006 0400 96 named Kunstcase Utrecht, you'll receive your ordered booklet(s) by mail.